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Rules and Regulations for Fiesta Del Rancho

Please take the time to read these rules and regulations.


1.          The Fiesta Del Rancho Fair opens Friday, October 7, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. and operates through Sunday, October 9, 2016 11:00 p.m.

A.      All booth/open spaces vendors may begin construction and setup of their on-site equipment Wednesday October 5, 2016.No set-ups will be allowed until all fees are paid in full.

B.      No one is to set-up without talking to a committee member.††

C.      Night Security will be provided beginning on Friday, October 7, 2016 through 7 A.M. Monday, October 9.Any set-up before Friday will be at vendorís own risk.

D.      All booth/open spaces must be paid in full by September 11, 2016.(No exceptions) A deposit must be paid to reserve your space or booth A.S.A.P. NO PERSONAL CHECKS

E.      NO BOOTH/ OPEN SPACE WILL BE RESERVED WITHOUT DEPOSIT.If no deposit is received by due date, all booth/open spaces will be available to all.

F.       All vendors must check in at Fiesta Office in the Concepcion Civic Center before setting up or vendor will be asked to remove booth.

G.      All vendors must be in attends at their booths from 6pm until 12am Friday, and from 9am until 1am Saturday and 9am until 11pm Sunday.

2.          All booth/open spaces must be open and operational for the entire fiesta.Under no circumstances may any booth/open space be dismantled or removed before Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016 9:00p.m.

1.          Each booth/open space will be given 4 passes each day for 4 people.Extra passes can be purchased at the fiesta office on Oct. 7-9, 2016.

2.          You are allowed two parking spaces per booth/open spaces, with the exception if you build any additions to the back of the existing booth/open space.Only 1 vehicle is permitted.

A.        All vehicles are to be parked directly behind your booth/open space.

B.        The 1 or 2 vehicles belonging to a vendor must have the assigned permit or it will be towed at ownerís expense.

C.        No one without a parking permit will be allowed behind gates.

D.        Please display your vendor parking passes inside your vehicle, driversí side visors, at all times.

E.        All passes will be passed out on Thursday Oct. 6, 2016 & Friday Oct. 7, 2016 after 4pm Ė 7pm.Please be sure to pick them up at the Concepcion Civic Center building.

F.         Anyone selling large or heavy merchandise needing to be loaded on to a vehicle must give their customers a receipt stating what they have bought.

3.          If flat bed trailers are needed behind the open spaces/booth areas, then park your vehicle directly behind the trailer, if space is available.(Width not to exceed 8 ft. wide)

4.          Everyone is only allowed their assigned space no one is allowed to build over each otherís 8 ft. or 20 ft. wide.

5.          You are only allowed one trip per day to pick up merchandise or change.Traffic thru gate will be limited.Time is between 2pm-5pm.

6.          Only one plug (110 voltages) is available per booth/open space.There is no access to 220 voltage plugs.

A.      There is a maximum of 30 amps per booth.

B.      Limit two roasters per booth.If more than two roasters are used, you may encounter electrical problems.


D.      NO FRYERS ARE TO BE USED (NO EXCEPTION) Use gas or butane fryers

E.       This and all rules will be strictly enforced.

F.       If you cause an outages and electrical problems by electrical overload, we are not responsible for any damages, losses, or injuries.

G.      No one will be allowed to handle any electrical circuits/boxes.

7.          Food vendors are responsible to purchase a temporary health permit of $52.00 from the State.A copy of the application is provided for you.Application must be sent to the address on the application and please send a copy of application back us with your deposit.(Application available)

8.          Water is provided for each space/booth, any damage to waterlines or booth area will result in a $50 charge at the moment of damage.

9.          Food vendor s must have two buckets inside each booth one for hand washing and one for hand sanitizing.(One teaspoon of household bleach per gallon of water.)

10.       Each vendor must maintain a clean and neat vending area.

11.       Please provide your own 60-gallon trashcan and bags for your private use.All trash will be picked up each morning.There will be designated area for trash to be taken by you during the day.

12.       You will be allowed to place 1 table, with chairs, in front of your booth for your customers.The Fiesta does not supply booth materials, tables, chairs, or furnishing of any kind.

13.       No mobile homes or RVís are permitted behind the booth /open spaces areas.There will be designated areas available without electrical services.(Bring your own generators)

14.       No weapons (real or toy), pornographic material, explosive, stink bombs or toxic sprays may be sold on fair grounds

15.       The Fiesta Del Rancho Organization reserves the rights to all the beer and ice concessions; therefore, no vendor will be allowed to bring beer into the fiesta grounds either in ice-chests or vehicles for resale.

16.     Alcoholic beverages and ice are not to be sold by vendors and their working staff other than those designated and licensed to sell such items.Any vendor or working staff of a vendor found to be under influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the event immediately and the booth may be closed.

17.       USE OF NAME- Use of the Fiesta Del Rancho logo is not allowed on any products (i.e. coffee mugs, T- shirts, caps, etc.) without written permission from the organization.

18.       All vendors and employees must conduct all business from inside their assigned areas.No person or persons shall be allowed to solicit business, distribute free samples or literature, or promote business in aisles, walkways, midways, or roadways.

19.       No political or public issues campaigning.This includes the distribution of related materials.Candidates are welcome on the grounds to meet the public.

20.       You will abide by the fiesta 2010 Rules and Regulations.

21.       No fees will be refunded, nor shall the Fiesta Del Rancho Organization or Fiesta committee be liable, if, after your deposit is accepted, Fiesta 2015 is canceled, postponed, shortened, or other impaired for any reason including but not limited to acts of God or any regulation, rules, order or request of any government authority, whether valid or invalid.

22.       Reserved spaces or booths, which are unoccupied and not ready for business by 12:00 PM Oct. 7, 2015, will be re-rented to others and all fees forfeited, unless other arrangements have been made.

23.       Any cancellations or no shows will result in forfeit of deposit and all rental fees.There will be NO refunds.

24.       Anyone not abiding by any of these or other rules or regulations added by the fiesta committee will be asked to leave and forfeits all rental fees.

25.       The undersigned entity or organization acknowledges and agrees that neither the Fiesta Del Rancho Organization nor the Fiesta committee nor the county of Duval shall be liable to the undersigned for any damages, losses, injuries, and theft of any kind to personal property.

26.       Fiesta Del Rancho Organization and Fiesta committee reserve the right to close any booth for failure (as determined in the discretion of such officers and authorized representatives) to comply with applicable Fiesta rules and regulations.

27.       Fiesta Del Rancho Organization and fiesta committee reserve the right to change or add to any of the above rule and regulations at anytime it is necessary.


I/We, the undersigned, have read and do hereby agree to abide by all of the above rules and regulations of the Fiesta Del Rancho Organization.



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Please read, sign, and send the entire application back with deposit no later then September 1, 2010 or A.S.A.P. Make a copy for your records.THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU.


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