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August 17, 2016


Dear Friends,


 Hope this letter finds you well and healthy.  We hope that we will see you and your family at the 36th Annual Fiesta Del Rancho on Oct. 7, 8, & 9, 2016.  Since we are known for the “World Championship Cabrito Guisado Contest” we would like to ask all the vendors to enter the contest at no extra charge to you.  We hope that you will join us. 


Booth or open spaces are still available.  It is still on a first come first serve bases, so please call A.S.A.P.  The fees for an 8x8 booths are $175.00 and 20x20 open spaces is $200.00 (application below).  NO BOOTH/ OPEN SPACE WILL BE RESERVED WITHOUT DEPOSIT.  Payment must be made by cashier check or money order payable to: FIESTA DEL RANCHO ORGANIZATION.  Please do not send personal checks, or they will be returned, and the space will be rented to someone else.  Absolutely NO PERSONAL CHECK will be accepted.  A deposit of half the payment should be sent before a space/booth can be reserved and full payment must be paid by the deadline of September 11, 2016.  If you do not send full payment by the deadline, your booth/open space will be rented, and there will be no refunds.  For food and drink vendors there is also a fee of $52 for a temporary Health Permit to the State. 


If you need a permit, we have furnished you with a copy of the Texas health application.  Please fill–out and send the application to the address provided on the application or you can go to the following website and do an on-line application and payment for the permit, http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/fdlicense/apps.shtm#retail.  For applications that will be mailed to the State, you have to make sure to send us a copy of the permit application and a copy of the money order or check that you sent to the State.


The Fiesta Del Rancho Organization reserves the rights to all the beer and ice concessions; therefore, no vendor will be allowed to bring beer into the fiesta grounds either in ice-chests or vehicles for resale.  Please read and sign the rules and regulations return them with the Fiesta Del Rancho application.  For more information call Christine Cavazos (President) at (361) 816-5983 cell phone anytime.




Thank you,


Christine M. Cavazos





Assigned Booth #


Date Rec’d ______________


Deposit Amount ___________

Fiesta Del Rancho 2016

Booth / Open space





Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________City, State, Zip_____________________________________


Home Phone_________________________Bus. Phone_________________________ Cell Phone____________________


Type of Booth: Food _______               Novelties________                Other_________

Please list all food items:

Menu Specifications

Please list food items you wish to serve, prioritizing as indicated.  Note: Remember that our fiesta is known for the Cabrito Guisado Contest, so please, we need to some of you food vendors to sell and enter our contest.  (No Fee to Enter)

First Choice__________________________________________________________________

Second Choice________________________________________________________________

Third Choice _________________________________________________________________


Fourth Choice________________________________________________________________
















Number of space required:


Booth(s) [8’x8’] - $175.00 ________       Open space(s) [20’x20’] - $200.00 ________


Temporary Food Permit - $55.00: ________ (Health permit application is to be sent to the address on application)


Total amount enclosed: ______________ (Please included ˝ of the payment for deposit to reserve your spot or  full payment)



              (2) Vehicle passes                                                     (4)  Vendors Passes

                                                                                   Friday                   Saturday             Sunday


                                                                           _____________      ____________   ___________


________________________________           _____________      ____________   ___________


_______________________________           _____________      ____________   ___________


_______________________________           _____________      ____________   ___________



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